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Col. (ret.) Malcho Dimitrov Malchev, military pilot 1-st class

Member of the Managing Board of the Association of Reserve Officers Atlantic



Col. Malchev was born on May 17-th 1941 in Plovdiv city. He graduated from high school in 1959. He is a distinguished graduate of the Bulgarian Air force Academy as a fighter pilot, class 1964. Col. Malchev is also a distinguished graduate of the Russian Air Command and Staff College „Y. Gagarin“, class 1974, in Monino, close to Moscow. After graduation, he was assigned as a squadron commander in 25th fighter bomber regiment. His air squadron, in 1975 wined 1-st place amongst all air squadrons in the Bulgarian Air Force. In 1976 he was a leader of the team of Bulgarian pilots for initial training on the new fighter bomber MiG-23 BN in the Soviet Union.

Col. Malchev was a commanding officer of 25th fighter bomber regiment (Tchechnigirovo) in the period 28 Sept 1979 – 04 Oct 1982 and during these years his regiment occupied the leading position amongst all air units in the Bulgarian Air Force. Since 1982 he served in the headquarter of 10th air corps of the Bulgarian Air Force as a chief of combat training and deputy corps commander. Since 1985 to 1996 he was a deputy commander of the military aviation in the Bulgarian Air Force HQ. In 1996-1997 Col. Malchev was a military adviser to the Bulgarian President Gelyu Gelev1(990-1997). His active military service ended in 1997. After that he was occupied with training of young pilots outside Bulgaria. Currently he is involved in the assurance business.

During his long flying carrier col. Malchev had flown a number of different aircraft like La-7M , Yak-11, L-39, МiG-15, МiG-17, МiG-21, МiG-23BN, МiG-23ML(MLD) and has more than 3 000 flying hours. In 1967 he passed all exams and acquired the qualification fighter-pilot 1st class. He has trained tens of young Bulgarian pilots. As a squadron and regiment commander he had organized the study and the flying training of many pilots on the new fighter-bomber in the Bulgarian Air Force, MiG-23BN. On 05 Jan 1977 he flew first on this aircraft in the Bulgarian airspace and is recognized as „The Man of MiG-23BN “. As a retired officer Col. Malchev is interested in the world events and especially the armed forces development and military history.

He is awarded with a number of orders and medals for excellent personal and air units performances, and in the combined strategic militaryexercise "Shield - 82" with personal weapon.