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Аs public organization, the Association take part into programs for development of national and international security.

Project 1: "National Security Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria"

PART 1: Round table - "The Strategy for National Security - Public Expectations and Political Consensus"

On 22.02.2010 Association of the officers in the reserve “Atlantic”, Center for National Security Foundation and George Marshall Associations - Bulgaria, together with the Ministry of Defense organize in the Military Information Center Round table entitled "The Strategy for National Security - Public Expectations and Political Consensus".

PART 2: International Conference "Strategies and security policies"

On April 09, 2010 was held International Scientific-Practical Conference on "Strategies and Security Policies". Organizer is the Center for Study of the Risks and Security of the NBU. Other co-organizers are Balkan Security Forum, MoD, MoI, UBJ and AORA.

PART 3: Security in cyberspace - new challenges and countermeasures.

PART 4: Integration of Bulgaria in NATO (status-progress and problems, national policies and reality, adequacy of governmental decisions, urgent tasks, perspectives).

PART 5: Risks and security threats in the 21st century.

PART 6: The new strategic concept of NATO and the ensuring transformation of defense and armed forces.

PART 7: Geopolitical realities and trends and their impact on national interests.

PART 8: NATO-Russia cooperation.

PART 9: The policy of NATO and EU in the Balkans and Black Sea Region Extensions (inclusive in the South Caucasus).

PART 10: Energy and safety and the impact of European and national security.

Project 2: Strengthening the national security and defense capability of the Republic of Bulgaria


  1. Military instrument of State power – purpose. use and restrictions.
  2. 2. Information environment - manifestations and trends affecting national security and defense.
  3. 3. Types of "asymmetric" threats and conditions under which acquired strategic importance for the defense of the country.
  4. 4. Dimensions of national policies on security and defense in the context of membership in the EU, NATO, UN, OSCE and regional initiatives.
  5. 5. Transformation of the military over the past two centuries - innovation, theories, characteristics.
  6. 6. Transformation of the armed forces - nature, objectives and scope.
  7. 7. Long-term vision for the development of BAF 2030.
  8. 8. Restructuring of the BAF - vision capabilities, constraints and deadlines.
  9. 9. Required capabilities of the armed forces to conduct operations in any theater and conditions.
  10. 10. Approaches to measuring the current required and operational capabilities.
  11. 11. Using armed forces to protect critical infrastructure, non-military nature of crises and search and rescue.