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Honorary Chairman and Honorary Members of AORA

Maj. Gen. Stefan Dimitrov, PhD (Ret.)
Honorary Chairman of the Managing Board of AOR "Atlantic"

Gen. Dimitrov has graduated from the Military University "Vasil Levski", Veliko Tarnovo (1965); Defence and Staff College "Georgi S. Rakovski" (1975), Sofia, Bulgaria; Military Academy of the General Staff, Moscow. He holds a PhD degree from Defence and Staff College "Georgi S. Rakovski". In 1994 he has studied French language in the French Cultural Institute in Sofia. Specializations in USA and France. He was Commander of a tank platoon and company in the Army. He was a lecturer at the Defence and Staff College "Georgi S. Rakovski". Gen. Dimitrov held high positions (1991-1992 - Deputy Head) in the Operative Department of the General Staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces. He was Head of the Military Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria (1992-1997). In 1992 he was promoted to the rank Major General. From 1997 to 2000 he was Defence Attaché in Moscow (1999-2000 he was President of the Moscow Association of the Military Attaches). He was Executive Director of the Balkan Political Club (2002-2005) and the Consul - Minister Plenipotentiary in Novosibirsk (2005-2006). Chairman of "THERM" Ltd. Board of Directors (2011 - 2013 y.). He is Senior Military and Policy expert. He has a good working knowledge of Russian, uses French, as well as, some English.

                        Mobile: +359 888 972 901


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Zhelyu Zhelev, PhD, DSc
Honorary Member of AORA

Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev was born on 3 March 1935 in Vesselinovo, small village in Northeast Bulgaria. Diploma for higher studies in philosophy from Sofia University. Student with a fellowship at Sofia University. Ph.D. degree for a thesis on dialectics (The Modal Categories). D.Sc. degree for the monograph “Relational Theory of the Personality”. Main originator and co-founder of the Club for Glasnost and Perestroika – reason to be undertaken new repressive measures against him. Co-founder of the Union of Democratic Forces (Union of all opposition parties and movements). Elected the first Chairman of the UDF’s Coordinating Council; Elected President of the Republic of Bulgaria by the Grand National Assembly (1990). Re-elected President for a five-year term by direct popular vote under the newly adopted Constitution of Bulgaria (1992). President of “Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev” Foundation.

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Dr. François Frison-Roche (University of Paris 2 – CERSA)
Honorary Member of AORA

Dr. François Frison-Roche (University of Paris 2 – CERSA) is a senior governance expert with extensive experience providing policy and technical advice on constitutional and governance reform. He has worked for the French ministry of Foreign Affairs, International NGOs and with research institutions promoting good governance. He has worked in fragile states and post conflict countries in contexts of extreme political volatility, change and transitions. He has been called upon to play a key role in providing policy advice to diffuse political and social tensions and to advance new governance in transitional countries like post-communist countries (Bulgaria, Romania, and Macedonia) or Arabic countries (Yemen).

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Ambassador Boyko Noev
Honorary Member of AORA

Ambassador Boyko Noev has served as Deputy Minister of Defense (1994) and Minister of Defense (1994-1995 and 1999-2001). With an educational background in International Relations and years of experience as a diplomat on the international stage, he was the Bulgarian Ambassador to NATO, Belgium and Luxembourg (1996-1999). During his diplomatic career at the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1981-1999), Ambassador Noev was also member and deputy-head of the Bulgarian delegations to the OSCE and the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. He served as Director, Center for National Security Studies at the Ministry of Defense (1993). He is the author of many publications and media appearances and has affiliations with the NGO sector and consultancy entities.